April Becker Chickens Out of Debates with Susie Lee

August 29, 2022

LAS VEGAS — Today, Congresswoman Susie Lee released the following statement as her opponent, AprilBecker, declined a debate invitation from KLAS-TV. Becker previously missed the deadline to participate in a debate with PBS/KNPR. While Susie Lee for Congress accepted both debate invitations,  Becker has refused to face southern Nevada voters. Last week, as April Becker campaigned alongside fellow election denier Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, who is currently under investigation by the FBI for a fake electors scheme, Susie Lee for Congress volunteers called on Becker to stand up in front of Nevada voters and debate.

“It’s so disrespectful that April Becker has refused to give her time to the very voters she’s asking to elect her. Her refusal to debate me is just proof that she has no plan to address rising costs, can’t justify why she denied the outcome of the 2020 election she lost,  and is too afraid to explain her endorsements from radical, pro-life groups that want to ban abortion nationwide with no exceptions,” said Susie Lee. “While Becker continues to cower from voters, I will continue to run on my record of fighting for our families and protecting the right to choose in Nevada and across the country.”

April Becker has accepted the endorsement of National Right to Life and itsNevada affiliate, Nevada Right to Life, which applauded the fall of Roe v. Wade as “a necessary step to allow the process of ridding our nation of abortion to advance.” Last month, a National Right to Life official told POLITICO that a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim who traveled to Indiana to receive abortion care should have been forced to birth the baby, saying “as many women who have had babies as a result of rape, we would hope that she would understand the reason and ultimately the benefit of having a child.” 

Congresswoman Lee has always been a staunch advocate of protecting abortion rights. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, she has been on the frontlines of the fight to ensure that women have access to the reproductive care they need. She has also been leading the fight to bring down costs for working families, including by voting for the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act to bring down prices for Nevadans at the grocery store and the gas pump and the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs for prescription drugs and health care, create good-paying clean energy jobs and reduce the deficit.