Economic Opportunity

As one of eight kids in a working class family in Ohio’s rust belt, I grew up knowing the value of hard work. When I was young, my parents taught me that if I worked hard and did well in school, I would have a chance to live a better life than they had. And they were right. I started with my first job delivering papers at the age of eight. After high school, I was able to go to college with government aid and by working as many as four jobs at a time. I knew it was worth it, and after years of hard work, I graduated and had doors of opportunity open to me.

For too many Americans, my story is no longer possible. Instead of working for the middle class, our government works only for those who can afford to write the biggest checks to politicians in Washington. Congress needs to do more to focus on expanding economic opportunity for working families. In Congress, I will support real middle class tax relief, invest in our communities so that we can attract good-paying careers to Southern Nevada, and ensure that everyone enjoys the impact of economic growth, not just a privileged few.

Too many Americans are being left behind in today’s economy. The American Dream should be accessible to all. We need job training to equip our workforce for the careers of tomorrow, with or without a 4-year degree. We need to protect service industry employees who rely on tips in addition to their wages, especially here in Nevada. We need to ensure that working-class families have health care and can save for retirement. I’ll also fight to ensure that no worker faces discrimination because of their sexual orientation, race, or disability.

In addition, our government must continue to uphold the basic premise that if you work hard and pay into Social Security, you can retire with dignity and peace of mind. To fulfill this promise, we must protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations. I will fight to protect Nevadans' hard-earned benefits and work to expand them in order to keep pace with the cost of living.

No American, regardless of their background, should lose out on the chance to live a dignified, secure life. Those are the values I grew up with, and they’re the values I’ll fight for in Congress.

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