Extreme, Pro-Life Organizations, Politicians Who Endorsed April Becker Support National Abortion Ban Overturning Nevada Protections

September 20, 2022

In an interview with NBC News, April Becker tried to backtrack from her extreme stances that earned her support from radical pro-life organizations like National Right to Life. While Becker may try to mislead voters about her position on choice, her acceptance of endorsements from pro-life organizations and politicians seeking to enact a national ban on abortion tells a different story.

Becker accepted the endorsement of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, a radical, pro-life group whose president stood next to Lindsey Graham as he introduced national abortion ban legislation in the Senate. She is also endorsed by Elise Stefanik, a co-sponsor of the House-introduced bill, and has received thousands of dollars from Stefanik’s Elevate PAC. Additionally, she has accepted PAC donations from Virginia Foxx and Richard Hudson, both of whom are also co-sponsors of the bill.

April Becker is lying to voters because she knows her pro-life stance is out of touch with Nevada voters who overwhelmingly support a woman’s right to choose. The reality is if Republicans take control of Congress, they will pass a national abortion ban, and that ban will overrule Nevada’s state law. There’s no argument to be made that such a ban would be unconstitutional, but it certainly would go against Nevadans’ will and would override state law. 

As Dr. David Orentlicher, professor at the UNLV Boyd School of Law said earlier this month at an event hosted by Congresswoman Lee and Gov. Sisolak,Well, there’s no question. Federal law trumps state law. So it doesn’t matter if it’s in our constitution, statute, [or] executive order. If there’s a federal law, that supersedes it. So, yes, [if] Congress bans abortion, our laws wouldn’t matter.”

“Both of our opponents have basically taken cover, saying that this has been decided law in the state,” Susie Lee stated during the discussion. “But we know that there is a strong possibility of a nationwide abortion ban, which will erase that.”

As one of the most competitive races in the country, Susie Lee’s race will help decide control of Congress and the fate of reproductive rights across the United States. Lee voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify Roe v. Wade into law and protect abortion providers, which was blocked by the GOP in the Senate. 

You can listen to the full conversation with Congresswoman Lee, Gov. Sisolak and constitutional law professors here.