Health Care

Health care is an issue that is deeply personal to me. After my father was laid off in his late 50s, my parents struggled after being denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. As they entered their senior years, my mother suffered a heart attack and they almost lost their house. We must never go back to the days where pre-existing conditions meant exorbitant premiums or denial of insurance coverage. In Congress, I will work for bipartisan solutions to improve the Affordable Care Act, and fight back against efforts to sabotage it. All Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care.

Instead of playing partisan games with people’s health care, we should work together to address the flaws in our health care system. In Nevada, we need to ensure we are able to attract and retain quality medical providers. I’ll be a strong advocate for decreasing health care costs. For example, Medicare should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices, and we must also take steps to stabilize the health care marketplace to prevent spiraling insurance costs.

Health care needs in 21st century America must also include expanding access to mental health treatment and long-term care. Too many Americans cannot afford or get access to treatment for mental illness. Too often, patients are only first able to access mental health treatment after they have entered our justice system. We must work to expand the availability and accessibility of preventive mental health services.

As our population ages, we must take a proactive approach to expand long-term care options that are cost-effective, dignified and support high-quality end of life services.

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