In post-Roe America, Democrats are standing with families

Las Vegas Sun by Susie Lee
July 17, 2022

Extreme Republicans’ greatest dream — and American families’ worst nightmare — has become a reality.

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and nearly half a century of precedent giving women the constitutional right to an abortion. Undoubtedly, this decision will be devastating to women across America and comes on the heels of Oklahoma putting into effect the nation’s strictest abortion ban — a horrific indication of the future of reproductive rights in America. Anti-choice politicians are rejoicing, as their five-decade effort to circumvent the will of the majority of Americans has paid off. But these extremists’ campaign isn’t over.

If Republicans take control of Congress in November, a nationwide abortion ban is likely to be among their top priorities. They claim they’re “pro-life,” but evidence shows they’re more focused on enacting a radical policy agenda that hurts families instead of helping them. They support the toppling of abortion rights under the guise of being pro-family when they are anything but — and the proof is in their actions.

When the pandemic hit our country, families were struggling, and millions of parents lost the jobs they depended on to put food on the table for their children. That’s why Democrats secured relief for families through the American Rescue Plan, which expanded unemployment benefits, kept the doors of small businesses open, helped make health care more affordable, and provided for direct payments to individuals. It also expanded the child tax credit, which lifted millions of children out of poverty while easing the burden on parents’ shoulders. How many Republicans voted for this? Zero.

Despite not a single Republican voting for the American Rescue Plan, they continue to take credit for its positive impact on American families. Perhaps this is why they want to hide the fact that they couldn’t deliver for families when they needed help most.

Let’s look at other examples of legislation that Democrats have passed to support American families. In the midst of a critical baby formula shortage, Democrats unanimously voted to provide the Food and Drug Administration funding to address the shortage and ensure that parents have access to baby formula to feed their children. Only 13 Republicans voted for this.

The majority of House Republicans voted against feeding infants, all while cheering for the Supreme Court to slash abortion rights and coerce women into having children.

In the face of soaring gas prices and gasoline, I and many Democrats voted to pass the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act to keep Big Oil from exploiting the American people at the pump as gas prices continue to rise despite the price of crude oil going down. How many Republicans for this? Zero.

As families struggle with rising prices, Democrats voted to cap the price that families pay for insulin to $35 per month. Only 12 Republicans voted for this.

And, as the nation experiences a period of escalating gun violence and mass shootings, Democrats voted to pass the Protecting Our Kids Act to keep our children safe from gun violence. How many Republicans voted for this? Five. This may just be the most damning evidence of all proving that Republicans in Congress are more interested in protecting their support from the gun lobby than in protecting our children.

Unlike Republicans in Congress, I’m focused on policies that will help Nevada families. I’m focused on getting costs down and ensuring that our post-pandemic economy continues to grow stronger. That’s why I voted to invigorate the country’s competitiveness in the global economy and strengthen our supply chain to undermine the impact of rising costs by passing the America COMPETES Act. How many Republicans voted for this? One.

The majority of House Republicans voted against all these pieces of legislation, and, in turn, our families.

I’ll continue fighting for freedom as Republican candidates and Republicans in Congress celebrate the Supreme Court snatching away one of our most fundamental rights, and we’ll ensure that American families know who is actually on their side. This is about who will fight for our families versus who won’t. This is about right versus wrong. This is about yes versus no. And Republicans continue to show Americans that they will always vote “no” to protecting them from financial devastation, from malicious corporations engaged in price gouging, and from protecting their children in what should be a safe haven — schools.

One party stands up for our families. One party doesn’t. It’s that simple, and we must vote accordingly in November.