Since being elected to Congress in 2018, Susie Lee has worked relentlessly with Democrats and Republicans alike to achieve real results for Nevada families. From combating the drought, to bringing supply chains back to America to lower costs, to ensuring our veterans get the benefits they deserve, Susie Lee has effectively worked with both parties and delivered for Nevadans. In fact, she was recognized as one of the top 10 most bipartisan Members of Congress, out of over 400 Members across the country. Lee also took on pharmaceutical companies and won, passing the most significant legislation to bring down prescription drug costs in decades.

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In addition to her work with both parties to push for meaningful legislation to bring down costs for Nevada families, Susie Lee is standing up for reproductive rights at a time when they are under assault across the country. With the Supreme Court overturning protections for a woman’s right to choose, Republicans are already moving to ban abortion nationally, including here in Nevada. Susie Lee will continue to be a fierce advocate for our rights, and supports legislation to codify the right to choose that is now in jeopardy across the country.


Susie Lee was born to a working class family in Canton, Ohio. She learned the values of hard work and stretching a dollar, starting with a paper route at the age of eight. Her father was a military veteran who worked at a steel plant, while her mother stayed at home to care for the family of 8 kids.

After graduating from public schools, Susie worked her way through Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a combination of scholarships, loans, and part-time jobs.

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After moving to Las Vegas in 1993, Susie became the Founding Director of After-School All-Stars, which serves over 7,000 students every day after school. Since 2010, Susie served as President of Communities In Schools of Nevada (CIS), a leading dropout prevention organization. Under Susie’s leadership, CIS has grown to serve over 64,000 students in 63 schools in Nevada. As a member of Congress, Susie is fighting for Nevada's 3rd District students every day.