National Security and Veterans

America needs a smart foreign policy that promotes our values and keeps us safe. With so many threats on the global stage, I will work hard to ensure that our military remains the strongest, most well-equipped force in the world. I will also make sure that our State Department and diplomats have the resources they need, because whether it’s in North Korea, Iran, or elsewhere around the globe, we need to keep all of our options on the table, both militarily and diplomatically. I’ll also fight for the security of key allies, including Israel, so that we can promote stability and peace around the globe.

We as a nation need to support our brave men and women in uniform while they serve, but we must not forget about them when they come home. My father was a veteran, and critical veterans’ services were incredibly important to our family, especially in his later years. In Congress, I will fight for a fully funded and functional Veterans Administration that provides returning veterans the care they need and deserve. This care, however, must be extended to mental health services and suicide prevention. Our country’s bravest and finest deserve access to this care if they should need it, and I will push to increase funding for veterans’ mental health programs. I will also be a tireless advocate for training and education programs that ensure that our veterans can smoothly enter the civilian workforce and work with the dignity they deserve. 

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