D.C. Super PACs Attempting to Drag Con Man Danny Tarkanian's Flailing Campaign to Finish Line


LAS VEGAS – While Susie Lee continues to run a grassroots campaign powered by nearly 15,000 donors, her opponent, perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian, has seen no similar enthusiasm behind his 8th campaign for political office. With no meaningful grassroots fundraising support, Danny’s campaign is now completely reliant on shadowy outside Super PACs, who have spent $5M attempting to smear Susie Lee with misleading TV ads.

“Without a single meaningful accomplishment to his name, and with a decades-long trail of scandals and ethical baggage in his wake, Danny Tarkanian has no choice but to allow out of state special interests and big corporate Super PAC money to drag his campaign to the finish line,” said Lee’s campaign manager, Brandon Cox. “Nevadans of both parties have recognized Danny’s scams for years and are poised to reject him yet again, regardless of the misleading attacks against Susie launched by the Super PACs attempting to buy this seat.” 

Susie Lee is the Democratic nominee in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Since launching her campaign, Lee has been endorsed by dozens of local and national elected officials and organizations. Susie is a longtime education advocate and nonprofit leader with 25 years of experience serving Nevada students and families and obtaining real results that improve people’s lives.

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