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Susie Lee Statement on the Passing of Senator John McCain

LAS VEGAS – Local education advocate and nonprofit leader Susie Lee released the following statement after the passing of Senator John McCain

Susie Lee Campaign Accepts Debate Proposal

LAS VEGAS – Today, the Susie Lee campaign accepted a debate proposal from Politics Now on Channel 8 News in Las Vegas.

Susie Lee Campaign Formally Responds to Cease & Desist Stunt from Danny Tarkanian

LAS VEGAS – Today, Susie Lee’s campaign responded to perennial GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian’s ill-advised cease-and-desist publicity stunt.

Barack Obama endorses Nevada candidates Rosen, Lee, Horsford

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday threw his support behind three Nevada Democrats running for U.S Senate and Congress as part of his “first wave” of midterm endorsements.

Susie Lee Campaign Responds to Tarkanian's Rejection of Debates

LAS VEGAS – Today, Danny Tarkanian’s campaign rejected Susie Lee’s proposal - first issued 5 weeks ago - for moderated, televised debates in the race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Danny Tarkanian Still Dodging Debates

LAS VEGAS – It’s been over a month since Susie Lee challenged Danny Tarkanian to a series of televised debates in the race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Instead of committing to debates so that voters can make an informed choice, he has hidden behind his keyboard and lobbed insults.

Law Enforcement Backs Susie Lee

LAS VEGAS – Today, a coalition of law enforcement organizations from throughout Nevada announced their support of Susie Lee’s campaign for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Democrats have fundraising edge in Nevada congressional races

Democrats outpaced their Republican rivals in Nevada’s two competitive open congressional races during the latest fundraising reporting period, campaign finance reports show.

For Danny Tarkanian, Money Isn't Talking. And Neither Is He.

LAS VEGAS – As has been the case for every quarter since she launched her campaign in September, Susie Lee has out-raised perennial GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian in the race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Danny Tarkanian Hides Behind Keyboard, Silent on Proposed Debates

LAS VEGAS – It's been nearly 3 weeks since Susie Lee challenged perennial failed GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian to a pair of televised debates in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. While Danny has hurled Twitter attacks at Lee since then, he has been conspicuously silent on the proposed debates.


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