Proud to have these individuals and organizations on our team in 2018!


Former Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto
Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid
Congresswoman Dina Titus
Congresswoman Jacky Rosen
Former Governor Richard Bryan
State Senator Kelvin Atkinson
State Senator Yvanna Cancela
State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro
State Senator Aaron Ford
State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson
State Senator Joyce Woodhouse


Emily’s List
End Citizens United
Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence
League of Conservation Voters
IBEW Local 357 Las Vegas
American Federation of Government Employees
Nevada NOW
Transport Workers Union's Nevada State Conference
Nevada AFL-CIO
Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council
SEIU Nevada Local 1107
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Nevada State Education Association
Human Rights Campaign


"I want Susie there with me in Congress breaking down walls to job creation in Nevada, fighting to open doors with Republicans that fix problems, pushing back against high prescription drug prices, and standing up for every Nevada DREAMer giving back to the 3rd District."

-U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

What we need in Washington are public servants who will work to find common ground and get things done for the American people. Susie Lee is one of those people. Like me, Susie grew up in a working class family, and like me, Susie benefited from the opportunities this country gave families like ours. Now, Susie has dedicated her life to providing those opportunities for today's kids – and she has the results to back it up. At the end of the day, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, we all want the same things for our kids: good health care, an education that opens the door to a bright future, and a fair shot at getting ahead. Washington needs more problem solvers like Susie Lee, and I am proud to endorse her for U.S. Congress.

-Former Vice President Joe Biden

"For over 20 years, she has been on the ground in Southern Nevada working to give more Nevadans the opportunity to get ahead, building highly successful organizations to serve Nevada families and give tens of thousands of our young people the resources they need to succeed. I am confident that Susie will continue to deliver for working families in Congress, and I'm proud to support her campaign.”

-Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid
Congresswoman Dina Titus

"I know Susie will join me in fighting for a stronger economy, better paying jobs for working families, and protecting our public lands. I look forward to working with her in Congress."

-Congresswoman Dina Titus

“Susie Lee has dedicated her life to making Southern Nevada a better place by building community nonprofits and being a champion for the most vulnerable among us. I'm proud to endorse Susie's campaign because she is a fierce and unrelenting advocate who I know will fight tirelessly every single day to represent the 3rd Congressional District."

-Congresswoman Jacky Rosen

“Susie Lee is the kind of person we need to send to Congress. She has a record of getting real results at the local level, and will work every day to bring people together and end the gridlock plaguing Washington.”

-Former Governor Richard Bryan
Tom Hanks

“Susie Lee has spent over 20 years in our community building coalitions to get important work done. She is a passionate advocate for Nevada students, and has a proven track record of accomplishments that have given thousands of Nevada families a chance at a better life. I'm supporting Susie Lee's campaign for Congress because I know she'll continue to roll up her sleeves and get things done in Washington.”

-State Senator Kelvin Atkinson

“Susie Lee has spent her career working to ensure every Nevadan has an opportunity to succeed, and will fight every day for working families. That's why I'm proud to endorse Susie's run for Congress in Nevada's 3rd Congressional District.”

-State Senator Yvanna Cancela

“Susie Lee is a proven fighter for our community who has spent her career lifting families out of poverty, championing a stronger public education system for Nevada's young people, and building organizations from the ground up to provide real solutions to the problems Nevada families face. She will bring the same hands-on approach to Congress, and that's why I support her campaign for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District.”

-State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro

"She has always proven herself to be an exceptional problem-solver who is capable of bringing people together to solve the challenges facing Nevada families. I know she will bring an important skill set to Washington, and I am proud to support her campaign for Congress.”

-State Senator Aaron Ford

“Susie Lee has been a fearless champion for Nevada students and families for over 20 years. Susie's work in the community, particularly in expanding educational opportunities for our young people, give her unique insights into how to creatively solve the problems facing Nevada and our nation. Susie has been an effective leader here for decades, and I fully support her efforts to take that leadership to Washington." 

-State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson

“Susie Lee has been a tireless advocate for expanding opportunity for Nevada families. I'm proud to endorse her campaign for Congress, and look forward to working with her to build a better Nevada."

-State Senator Joyce Woodhouse


“Susie has spent most of her adult life helping Nevada families overcome barriers to opportunity – and EMILY’s List is excited to see her do the same in Congress."

-Emily’s List

“Susie Lee has vowed to curb the corrupting influence that money has over our politics and fight to enact meaningful reform that will upend this system. We’re thrilled to support Lee's campaign and work with our grassroots members to help elect her.”

-End Citizens United

"Susie Lee is pushing for Congress to take up and pass measures like universal background checks that will help keep Nevadans more safe from gun violence."

-Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence

“Susie Lee has dedicated her life to helping communities and protecting our environment, so we’re thrilled she’s seeking public office and to endorse her campaign for Congress."

-League of Conservation Voters

“Our members need a representative in Congress who will fight for better wages, protect Social Security and Medicare, and defend the rights of workers. That’s why we are endorsing Susie Lee."

- IBEW Local 357 Las Vegas

“Susie Lee understands that we need to protect Social Security and Medicare, and she knows that working Americans deserve a fair shake and better wages. We are proud to support her campaign."

-Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council

Susie Lee is “committed to leading the way in creating a fair and just economy, the right for workers to organize and form a union, and to build a better quality of life for all working families” 

-SEIU Nevada Local 1107

"Nevada women & families don't just want to see the status quo, they want to see access to reproductive health expanded. Susie Lee stands behind these values and we're proud to endorse her campaign for Congress!"

-NARAL Pro-Choice America

“The NSEA endorses Susie Lee based on her proven record as a tireless advocate for public education. As the future Congressperson in the 3rd Congressional District, I am confident Susie will deliver the same energy and dedication to students in her district and throughout Nevada. Those who are familiar with her work ethic know she will represent southern Nevada well, especially in the area of public education,” - Ruben Murillo Jr., NSEA President.

-Nevada State Education Association

“A proven champion for working families, Susie Lee will fight for every Nevadans’ right to work and live free from harassment and discrimination. HRC is proud to endorse her candidacy for Nevada’s 3rd District, and we look forward to electing another pro-equality champion to the U.S. House of Representatives come November.”

-Human Rights Campaign

“Susie Lee is a fierce advocate for federal working people and is the right person to represent the men and women of Nevada’s 3rd district. She has shown her dedication to supporting fair pay for public servants, ensuring taxpayers’ services are fully-funded, and she will fight to protect our nation’s veterans and the health care they have earned."

-American Federation of Government Employees

The Nevada chapter of the National Organization for Women has endorsed Susie Lee in Nevada's 3rd Congressional District. 

-Nevada NOW

“Susie Lee understands that we need an economy that works for the middle class, and we are proud to support her campaign for Congress. Susie is a fighter and will be a strong champion for working families." - Todd Towns, Chairman of the TWU Nevada State Conference.

-Transport Workers Union's Nevada State Conference


"The Nevada labor movement is excited to support candidates who share our vision: strong unions, quality education and vocational programs, affordable health care for all, and a Nevada where people can work to provide a better life for their families."

-Nevada AFL-CIO


Nevadans for Susie Lee

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Posted by Susie Lee on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Posted by Susie Lee on Sunday, January 21, 2018

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