Susie Lee Statement as April Becker Continues to Cower from Face-to-Face Debates, Deadline to Accept Nears

August 24, 2022

LAS VEGAS — Today, Susie Lee released the following statement on April Becker’s refusal to commit to debating her on the issues most important to southern Nevadans despite Becker’s disingenuous previous indication that she’d be willing to enter the ring:

“It’s not a surprise that April Becker is dodging every chance that comes her way to join me on the debate stage. She knows her views are wildly out-of-touch with those of voters and that she can’t compete with my record of delivering for southern Nevadans,” said Congresswoman Susie Lee. “I have shown time and time again that I will stand up for our families, our democracy, and our most fundamental freedoms. The voters deserve nothing less than full transparency before making their decision at the ballot box. If April Becker is too afraid to have a straightforward debate on the issues, she has zero business seeking public office.”

Last week, Susie Lee for Congress accepted PBS/KNPR’s invitation to debate after accepting an invitation for KLAS-TV over two weeks ago. Becker failed to accept PBS/KNPR’s invitation. According to the original invitation from KLAS-TV, candidates must respond by August 27 at 5:00 PM PT. Does Becker have what it takes to face Susie Lee—or will she also let this deadline pass?